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What is she like to work with? Good question

Whether in virtual or in person settings, my style is described as warm, generous, authentic, and engaging.  I cultivate positive relationships and generative environments that value learning, embrace questions, support uncertainty, and celebrate forward motion. My clients, colleagues, and the organizations with whom I work find themselves infused with new energy, fresh ideas, and achievable steps to take moving forward.

Tiffani Ross,

Sarah's thought partnership and in depth knowledge of tools and resources for social impact provided the structure and path forward we needed. Her collaboration style (which is a great balance between consulting and coaching) encouraged my team and I to think deeply about what impact we want to make through our programming. She encouraged us to think about how to practically provide racial equity programming while keeping an eye towards evaluating and sustaining our work. I left our time together with a strong foundation and a path forward for our team to build upon. Thank you Sarah for gifting us with your enthusiasm and expertise.

Mariant Hildebrandt, 

Amigos of DR

Few people have the opportunity to be guided by such a fantastic coach and mentor—but I did when Sarah agreed to become my life coach. Her compassionate curiosity, genuine connection, and understanding of the social impact world made our time together very enjoyable and productive. I could always count on our Thursday morning sessions as spaces of transformation and discovery, as she beautifully empowered me to find my own answers to life’s challenges. Sarah is one of the most authentic human beings anyone could ever connect with, and I look forward to continuing our work together.

Rajiv Jhangiani, 

Brock University

I have time and again witnessed how deeply Sarah is guided by her core values. Her wonderful combination of wisdom, humility, authenticity, and empathy provides the psychological safety needed to explore challenging issues. She is skilled at unearthing the right questions and gently provoking the reflection needed to address them. Working with Sarah is somehow energizing and grounding all at once. I know her to be a gifted communicator and someone who brings a sense of lightness and joy to her partnerships. I have never left a conversation with Sarah in any doubt that I am deeply cared for.

Tanya Grosz,

Open Education Network

...While her warmth and enthusiasm are, perhaps, her most marked characteristics, it is her strategic thinking and intelligence that I admire most and continue to be inspired by. She is the type of presenter who draws you in, puts you at ease, and makes you want to stay with her due to her effortless confidence, infectious energy, and genuine sincerity. Sarah is a natural leader and facilitator, and her commitment to lifelong learning and love for people make her someone you want to listen to and receive coaching from.

Joseph Simmons,

The Center for Micro-Entrepreneurial Training

Sarah's presentation on the Imposter Syndrome exceeded our expectations! . She gave insight on this timely topic, which is an issue with many entrepreneurs, especially women. Her material really addressed this current business issue. Her presentation style was interactive, engaging, and thorough. She was friendly, focused, exceptionally knowledgeable, and very engaging with the entrepreneurs. She inspired and motivated our entrepreneurs, many of whom reported how they were so impressed with her feedback model. If you have the opportunity, I would highly recommend contacting Sarah Cohen.

C.J. Dempsey,

HERS Network

Sarah was a joy to work with and made this project easy on our small team. She spent time listening to our needs so she could understand our goals and keep our project laser-focused. She was reliable, timely, and had the fresh perspective we needed to move forward with clear and effective recommendations. Sarah helped HERS refine the organization's online community engagement strategy with program alums and partners, and she is a complete pro!
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