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Do you work with people or organizations like me?  
Good question.

You are impact-driven, and are looking for pathways to level up your contribution. Together, we will pave the way. 

Big Questions Collaborative offers strategy, facilitation, and coaching to support and sustain individual, team, program, and organizational success. 


BQC offers a full suite of strategic planning services that will successfully guide the organization in aligning their mission, vision, long-term goals, and action plans around community needs. Together, we'll design a process that engages stakeholders, that interrogates impact in relation to your organization's values and the needs of its community, and that leads to lasting impact.

Facilitation & Speaking

BQC facilitation empowers stakeholders to explore challenges, identify opportunities, and devise strategies to be held accountable. That doesn't mean it's a snooze-fest. BQC energizes and reinvigorates teams to reconnect to their mission, goals, and communities. Committed to empowering organizations through collaboration and continuous learning, engagements with BQC emphasize connection and shared purpose.



BQC approaches coaching as a catalyst to intentional and sustainable change. We honor the courage it takes to listen to the little voice inside that wonders what else is possible. Our sessions will help use your values as pillars to a vision and plan for change. Past clients thrived in our supportive, warm, and probing partnership as we co-created strategic pathways toward enduring outcomes.  

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