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Together we will design strategies that lead to the kind of impact you imagine. 

We'll work together to create order out of chaos by exploring multiple angles including: 

  • In what ways will this work create change for us? 

  • How might our next steps amplify our impact?

  • How might we better allocate our resources to align with our services and our mission?

  • In what ways can we listen to our community or beneficiaries? 

Drawing on social impact models, design thinking, appreciative inquiry, and coaching, we will design strategies that lead to the impact you imagine. 

J. Silverman ~

Visibility Impact Fund

 "Sarah  designed a process to work with our volunteer working board efficiently and strategically, moving us through an interview process where she demonstrated her facility with building individual relationships and exploring themes across multiple stakeholders, to a logic model building process where she demonstrated her ability to synthesize complex issues into understandable concepts, to an action planning template that empowered us to own the work moving forward. As a nascent organization she took us from a blank page with lots of ideas to an organization with operating principles that we can build off of. All throughout she navigated with warmth, humor, and professionalism."

T. Ross ~

Montgomery County Coaltion for Adult Literacy

"I was seeking support for developing a strategy for our racial equity programming. Starting out our ideas were scattered and abstract. Sarah's thought partnership and in depth knowledge of tools and resources for social impact provided the structure and path forward we needed. Her collaboration style (which is a great balance between consulting and coaching) encouraged my team and I to think deeply about what impact we want to make through our programming. She encouraged us to think about how to practically provide racial equity programming while keeping an eye towards evaluating and sustaining our work. I left our time together with a strong foundation and a path forward for our team to build upon." 

C. J. Dempsey ~

HERS Network

"Sarah was a joy to work with and made this project easy on our small team. She spent time listening to our needs so she could understand our goals and keep our project laser-focused. She was reliable, timely, and had the fresh perspective we needed to move forward with clear and effective recommendations. Sarah helped HERS refine the organization's online community engagement strategy with program alums and partners, and she is a complete pro!"

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