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What do you write about? Good question.

Weekly posts asks questions and offer prompts for us to ask big questions together.

June, 2023 / Lost Luggage

Finding what I really need.  June / 2023

Lessons from chaperoning a trip to Disney. May / 2023

April, 2023 / Ready

From being prepared to being ready for right now. April / 2023

Lessons in forgiveness from a blizzard. March / 2023

The value of using a tool to connect to our voices, viewpoints, questions, and answers. Feb / 2023

Jan, 2023 / Shhh...Listen

We talk about listening all the time. What does it really mean, though, to listen? How might we listen more deeply and honestly? Jan / 2023

I am a reader who read 47 books in 2022. Here are the  "best" ones and practices for reimagining reading in 2023. Dec / 2022

Quieting doubt with self-compassion and strategy. Nov / 2022

Oct, 2022 / The Power of Pause

On directing the rate and speed of change. Oct / 2022

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